How can I find the best cannabis strain for my needs?

Our team will help you to understand your unique requirements and offer strains that will best meet them. You may also look through our strain collection to find the best genetic profile for your cultivation project.

A cannabis clone is a cuttings, such as a branch, taken from a living marijuana plant that will eventually grow into a plant itself. A clone is genetically identical to the plant from which it was derived, known as the mother plant.

Germinating cannabis seeds can be time-consuming and uncertain. With clones, you skip the germination process and can start growing immediately. Cloning also saves money by allowing you to cultivate from a plant you already love. Plus, since clones skip the seedling stage, you’ll harvest faster, enabling multiple batches per year for your business.

It’s now legal for Canadians to buy and grow cannabis clones at home. Check out Buy Clones Canada website for buying clone online. Authorized medical cannabis patients in Canada are allowed to grow their own cannabis or designate someone to grow for them.